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 19.1 Height Regulations


Public, semi-public or public service buildings, hospitals, institutions or schools, when permitted in a district, may be erected to a height not exceeding 60 feet, and churches and temples may be erected to a height not to exceed 75 feet, if the building is set back from each yard line at least one foot for each foot of additional building height above the height limit otherwise provided in the district in which the building is located.

Chimneys, cooling towers, elevator bulkheads, fire towers, monuments, stacks, stage towers or scenery lofts, tanks, water towers, grain elevators, ornamental towers and spires, church steeples, radio or television towers or necessary mechanical appurtenances may be erected to a height in accordance with existing or hereafter adopted ordinances of the City.

 19.2 Yard Regulations


Front Yards.

An open enclosed uncovered porch, such porch not to be above the first floor level or paved terrace may project into a front yard for a distance not exceeding ten feet.

When on the effective date of this Title, or amendment thereto, 40 percent or more or a frontage was occupied by two or more buildings, then the depth of the front yard heretofore established shall be adjusted in the following manner:

A. When the building furthest from the street provides a front yard no more than 10 feet deeper than the building closest to the street, then the depth of the front yard for the frontage is the average setback of the existing buildings.

B. When the situation from that in paragraph (A) is within 100 feet of an existing building on each side, then the depth of the front yard is determined by a line drawn from the closest front corners of these two adjacent buildings.

C. When the situation differs from that in paragraph (A) or (B) and the lot is within 100 feet of an existing building on one side only, then the depth of the front yard is the same as that of the existing adjacent building.

D. Where lots have a double frontage, the required front yard shall be provided on both streets. No accessory  building shall project beyond the front yard line on either street. No fence, structure or planting higher than 30 inches above the established street grades shall be maintained within 20 feet of any street intersection.

Intrusions into Yards

The following features of principal buildings may intrude a maximum of four feet (4') into required yards without violating the minimum setback requirements: cornices, chimneys, planters, fire escapes, stairways, balconies, canopies, roof overhangs and other similar ornamental features.

 19.3 Two Family and Multi Family Conversions


Conversion, where the alteration or conversion of a building which has been in use as a single-family residence prior to passage or amendment of this Title, into a two-family dwelling or a multi-family dwelling may be permitted, by district, provided, however, that:

A. The enclosed usable floor of the building shall not be increased nor shall the height of the building be increased. The enclosed usable area shall not include open porches or terraces.

B. All single-family dwellings converted to two-family or multi-family dwellings, as well as all remodeling or conversions of existing multi-family dwellings shall be constructed so that no dwelling unit shall contain less than the square footage of livable floor area as defined under the City of Flora’s City Code. Title 7, Chapter 2, Dwelling Unit Standards, as adopted and as may be amended.

C. The conversion of the building meets all requirements of the district in which it is located. The applicant shall submit plans in sufficient detail to enable the Administrative Official to determine whether or not the proposed conversion complies with the requirements of this Chapter.

 19.4 Fences


Fences are not considered a structure and are exempt from the regulation limiting accessory buildings to 30 percent of the rear yard. A site plan must be submitted to the Administrative Official prior to a permit being issued.

Residential Districts:

Fences shall be permitted in required rear and side yards up to 6'0" high, as measured from the topmost point to the ground or surface along the center line of the fence. Fences in a required front yard shall be permitted up to a maximum of 36" high, and shall be ornamental with at least fifty percent (50%) of its surface open as viewed from the street. (Amended 1/5/98; Ordinance #98-1404) No wire or steel mesh fencing may be used as a part of an ornamental fence.

Six-foot (6') privacy fences that extend along the side yard from the front lot line to the rear lot line may be permitted as determined by the Administrative Official. The Administrative Official may not permit the construction of any privacy fence which would in any way create a visual obstruction for pedestrians or vehicular traffic. (Amended 1/5/98; Ordinance #98-1404)


Fences enclosing an institution, a public park, public playground, school, junior college site, commercial or industrial sites, may be eight feet high.

Fences surrounding tennis courts shall be open wire mesh fences and shall not exceed 12 feet in height.

No barbed wire or electrically-charged fence shall be erected or maintained anywhere in this municipality.

No fence, wall, or other construction shall be erected within any public right-of-way, except by written permission of the Administrative Official.

No fence, wall, or other obstruction shall be erected in violation of the Illinois Drainage Code (70 ILS 605/2-12, as may be amended).

No fence shall be placed or erected that would obstruct a motorist’s clear view at intersecting streets.

 19.5 Swimming Pools


A site plan must be submitted to the Administrative Official prior to a permit being issued.

A. No swimming pool, above ground or below ground, shall be located in any front yard or closer than ten feet to any side or rear lot line.

B. Every swimming pool that is more than three feet deep shall be enclosed by a wall or fence at least four feet in height. The passage through such wall or fence shall be equipped with a gate capable of being secured by locking means.

C. All below-ground swimming pools shall comply with the 2003 International Building Code, as adopted by the Flora City Council, and as may be amended.




According to the International Property Maintenance Code:

303.2 - Enclosures

Any private swimming pool, spa or hot tub that contains water that is greater than 24 inches (610 mm) in depth is required to be completely surrounded by a fence or barrier that is at least 48 inches (1219 mm) in height above finished ground level measured on the side of the barrier away from the pool.

Swimming pool and fence permits are required.