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 14.1 Permitted Uses

The regulations set forth in this Chapter or set forth elsewhere in this Title, when referred to in this Chapter, are the regulations in the C-2 Neighborhood Commercial District.

No Class C Mobile Homes are permitted in this District. Class C Mobile Homes are permitted only in approved Mobile Home Parks.

14.1 PERMITTED USES. A building or premises shall be used for the following purposes:

Retail Stores of all types.

Personal services, including barbershop, beauty parlor, cleaning and laundry establishment, mortuary, photographer, shoe repair, tailoring and dressmaking. (Amended 8/21/95; Ordinance #95-1257).

Household services, including appliance repair, bicycle repair, carpeting and draperies, electrical, heating and cooling, painting, contractor, plumbing, radio and television repair, and upholstery.

Financial institutions, including banks, savings and loans, stockbrokers, and title companies.

Offices, including business, dental, general, laboratory, testing, law, medical, chiropractor, optometrist, radio and television, and research.

Food and beverage services, including bars, taverns, catering establishments, hotels, motels, ice cream parlors, and restaurants, including drive-ins or drive-thru establishments.

Recreational uses, including archery, billiard parlor, bowling alley, dancing, racquetball, rollerskating rink, tennis facility, theater, video games, and weightlifting.

Hotels and motels, offering accommodations to transient overnight guests.

Automotive services, including new car and vehicle dealerships and auto parts stores.

Nursing home and residential care facilities. (Amended 10/6/03; Ordinance #03-1811).

Auto garages, body shops, used motor vehicle sales, filling stations, public garages, and car washes. (Amended 2/1/99; Ordinance #99-1480)

Farm implement services, including new and used farm implement dealerships and repair.

Dwelling, single-family, two-family, multiple-family dwellings, and Class A Manufactured Housing, or a residence unit above the ground floor level of any commercial building.

Parking lots with less than ten spaces.

Public parks.

Churches or places of worship.

 14.2 Accessory Uses

ACCESSORY USES. Uses subordinate to that of the main building may include:

Accessory buildings and uses customarily incident to the above uses, including underground storm shelters, and located on the same lot. (Amended 6/21/99; Ordinance #99-1508)

Where a lot is used for a commercial purpose, more than one main building of the business may be located upon the lot but only when such buildings conform to all open space requirements of the lot for the district in which the lot is located.

Accessory buildings of other than conventional construction or more than one story or with sidewalls of more than ten (10) feet

Grading, filling, excavating or any change in the grade of property that involves the moving, depletion or replacement of more than 50 yards of material or changes the existing elevation by more than two feet requires a permit. At no time shall any grading be detrimental to surrounding property in appearance or in the diversion of storm water drainage.

 14.3 Special Uses

SPECIAL USES. A building or premises may be used for the following purposes if the provisions of the special use regulations, Chapter 21, Section 21.4, are met and a special use permit is obtained:

Veterinarian Office.

Parking lots of ten (10) or more spaces.(Amended 12/2/96; Ordinance #96-1334)

Recycling Collection Center.

Class B Manufactured Housing. (Amended 5/16/94; Ordinance #94-1204)

Warehousing (Amended 01/22/07; Ordinance #07-2038)

Self Storage (Amended 01/22/07; Ordinance #07-2038)

 14.4 Parking/Loading Requirements


See Chapter 17

 14.5 Area Requirements


Minimum depth of front yard--25 feet.

Minimum width of side yard--No side yards are required for commercial buildings except on the side of a lot abutting a residential district there shall be a side yard setback of not less than 5 feet.

Minimum depth of rear yard--No rear yards are required for commercial buildings except on the rear of a lot abutting a dwelling district, in which case there shall be a rear yard of not less than 25 feet.

Lot controls for residential uses, permitted as Special Uses, shall be the same as the R-4 Single-Family Residence District Filling station pumps and pump islands may occupy the required yards; provided, however, that they are not less than 15 feet from street lines, and not less than 50 feet from the boundary of any residential district.

Supplemental area requirements are provided in Chapter 19, Section 19.1.

 14.6 Height Requirements


The maximum height shall be 45 feet or 3 stories. Supplemental height requirements are provided in Chapter 19, Section 19.1.

 14.7 Screening


Activities Enclosed. All outside storage of materials, products, or merchandise shall be enclosed by walls or solid fence at least six (6) feet high.

Buffer Strips. Along the side and rear lot lines of any lot abutting and residential district, screening (a wall, solid fence, or closely planted shrubbery) at least six (6) feet high and of sufficient density to completely block the view from the adjacent residential property shall be installed.

Refuse Containers. All refuse generated by any establishment located within this district shall be stored in tightly-covered containers placed in a visually-screened area.