City of Flora

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 4.1 Compliance

COMPLIANCE (except as hereinafter specifically provided):

No building shall be erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed, moved or structurally altered, nor shall any building or land be used, except for a purpose permitted in the district in which the building or land is located.

No building shall be erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed or structurally altered except in conformity with the height, area, parking and loading regulations of the district in which the building is located.

The minimum yards and other open spaces, including lot area per family required by this Title for each and every building existing at the time of passage of this Title or for any building hereafter erected, shall not be encroached upon or considered as part of the yard or open space required for any other building, nor shall any lot area be reduced below the requirements of this Title for the district in which such lot is located.

Every building erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed, moved or structurally altered after the effective date of this Title, shall be located on a lot as defined in this Chapter and in no case shall there be more than one main building on one lot except as specifically provided hereinafter.

 4.2 Access Required

ACCESS REQUIRED. No building shall be erected on any lot unless such lot abuts, or has permanent easement of access to, a public street or a private street that conforms to the standards set forth in the Land Subdivision Regulations of the City of Flora.

 4.3 Sewers and Septic Systems

SEWERS AND SEPTIC SYSTEMS. In all districts, property owners of all buildings and places where people live, work, or assemble shall provide for the sanitary disposal of all sewage in accordance with the following requirements:

Whenever the municipal or public sanitary sewerage system is reasonably accessible and within 100 feet, all sewage shall be discharged into such system, whether or not a private sewerage system already exists or is more convenient. (Amended 12/2/96; Ordinance #96-1334)

Whenever the municipal or public sewerage system is not reasonably available, a private sewerage system shall be installed and used. All private sewerage systems shall be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained in conformity with the following requirements.

1. Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act, 225 ILCS 225-1 through 225 ILCS 225-23, as may be amended from time to time; and

2. Illinois Private Sewage Disposal Code No. 4.002, promulgated by the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, as now or hereafter amended; and

3. Pertinent, current regulations issued by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency; and

4. Applicable codes and ordinances of this municipality, particularly the Land Subdivision Regulations.