City of Flora

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 5.1 Permitted Uses



The regulations set forth in this Chapter or set forth elsewhere in this Title, when referred to in this Chapter, are the regulations in the A-1 Agricultural District.

No Class C Mobile Homes are permitted in this District. Class C Mobile Homes are permitted only in approved Mobile Home Parks.

PERMITTED USES. A building or premises shall be used only for the following purposes:

Agriculture and agricultural buildings, provided that livestock is housed further than 400 feet from any Residence District. This includes grain elevators and storage, and animal feed preparation and storage for use on the premises.

Farm dwellings and single-family nonfarm dwellings, including Class A and B manufactured housing.

Nurseries and greenhouses.


Public parks, playgrounds, community buildings, country clubs, golf courses, swimming clubs and similar recreational uses. Government uses of the City of Flora.

Oil and/or gas wells and crude oil and/or gas storage, provided that the operation be conducted further than 200 feet from any residence and 400 feet from any lot in a Residence District.

Public schools.

Churches and places of worship.

Home occupations.

Stands for the sale of products grown on the premises.

Bed and Breakfasts.

 5.2 Accessory Uses

ACCESSORY USES. Uses subordinate to that of the main building may include:

Private garages, carports, and underground storm shelters. (Amended 6/21/99; Ordinance #99-1508)

Swimming pools, including fencing, in accordance with Chapter 19, Section 19.5.

Accessory agricultural buildings, including storage sheds, barns, stables, and other farm outbuildings.

 5.3 Special Uses

SPECIAL USES. A building or premise may be used for the following purposes if the provisions of the special use regulations, Section 21.4, are met and a special use permit is obtained:

Nursing home facilities.

Day care/night care centers.

Residential care facilities.

Agricultural implement and machinery sales, service and repair.

Animal feed storage, preparation, grinding and mixing for commercial purposes.

Fertilizer sales, including bulk storage and mixing.

Recycling collection center.

Mobile home parks.

Commercial recreational facilities.

An existing building may be used for specialty businesses such as: hobby/craft shops; antique shops; second-hand clothing and housewares shops; radiator repairs; pet grooming services-no overnight; warehousing of vending machine supplies; small machinery repairs. Such use shall be contained totally within the building with no outside storage allowed. The provisions of the special use regulations, Section 21.4, must be met and a special use permit must be obtained prior to the use.

 5.4 Parking Requirements

See Chapter 17

 5.5 Area Requirements

No minimum yard areas shall be required for agricultural use except a front yard requirement of 80 feet along state and federal highways and 60 feet along state aid highways and other public roads.

 5.6 Height Requirements

There shall be no restriction on the height of buildings in the Agricultural District, except when land is affected by airport hazard zoning regulations.