City of Flora

Good things happen when good people work together!

The City of Flora Ethics Commission is comprised of three (3) members appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the city council. At the first meeting of the commission, the initial appointees shall draw lots to determine their initial terms. Two (2) commissioners shall serve two (2) year terms, and the third commissioner shall serve a one year term. Thereafter, all commissioners shall be appointed to two (2) year terms. Commissioners may be reappointed to serve subsequent terms. The commission, upon receipt of a signed, notarized, written complaint,  shall investigate, conducts hearings and deliberations, issue recommendations for disciplinary actions, impose fines in accordance with city codes and refer violations in accordance with city codes to the appropriate attorney for prosecution. The commission shall, however, act only upon the receipt of a written complaint alleging a violation of this code and not upon its own prerogative.

 The Flora Ethics Commission consists of Marcie Genthe, Charles Buchanan, and Carolyn Perry.

The Flora Ethics Commission meets annually at City Hall.